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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 15, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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ng he is a good man. i know he is suffering too. he loves maria. i hope with time they work things out. this is miriam hernandez reporting for abc news. >> well congressman anthony weiner expected to confer with his wife today as the political pressure on him to resign only increases. it is believed weiner has been waiting for huma to return from overseas before deciding his political future. after meeting on capitol hill, house democrats said they're hoping weiner will step down putting an end to his on going scandal. >> many people, political watchers wondering if he will. even with nancy pelosi's encouragement. seems he is fighting that. so, trinteresting. get the stamp ready. here comes our favorite story of the day. there you go. go for it. little late there. coordinate the. >> okay. >> pretty close. >> okay. new evidence, facebook's face
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recognition technology could actually change lives. kg tv's luis cruz reports. >> reporter: this 39-year-old spent the last several years looking for his half brother. during the vietnam war that cart's dad was stationed in the philippines and fathered a child. >> started 2007. and just not had any luck at all. >> reporter: no luck until recently when his sister posted old pictures of their father on facebook. >> that is my father, 1965. >> reporter: facebook suggest aid friend on his sister's page. the person being suggested had a picture of a man that resembled their father. >> when that happened i sent him a friend request. also called my father. and let him know that i think we may have found his son. and whom he hasn't seen in 45 years. >> reporter: facebook uses face recognition software, groups similar photos together and whenever possible the company says suggests name of friends to
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help users tag their photos. cart believes facebook matched this picture of his father from 1965 to this picture showing cart as a boy with his dad in 1972. >> but had to beep this. there is no way. no other way around it. there was no mutual friends. >> reporter: cart says so far he has been able to communicate with his half brother on facebook but plans to get in touch with him soon as he can. >> that is all the excitement. i really am looking for barrwar finding out more. >> reporter: intended or not. face book continues to connect people from the past. >> some people think that is creepy being able to recognize faces like that. as handy and amazing in that story. there is still a downside. >> auto tagging. right now, technology continues to evolve. very interesting. facebook face recognition is used to suggest friend for photo tagging not set up to introduce you to new people. really to recognize the friend
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you have. >> make it more convenient. >> taking a look at your weather now for wednesday. lingering showers in upstate new york, new england. scattered showers from or lane deto miami. strong storms from little rock to cincinnati. northern mississippi, alabama, georgia. showers from fargo to indianapolis. >> wet 70, chicago. 81, kansas city. 81, new york. 90s, atlanta. 63, seattle. near 90 in colorado springs. phoenix heats up to 106. >> off you seen this? really incredible. although this is not the publicity event for fast boats was supposed to go. >> not exactly. showing off the catamaran in a choppy san francisco bay. yikes. and just look that over the boat went. throwing a couple of sailors into the chilly water. see some clinging to the rigging there. >> unbelievable. nobody was injured. the cat was eventually righted by a support boat. ironically before the incident, the boat's captain said, i am not sure i will ever be comfortable on a bet like this.
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no kidding. and those people that didn't fall in were actually harnessed into the catamaran. i think that has got to beep another level of fear. if that flips over you are strapped in there. >> one suffered a rib injury that was the extent of it. and, fortunately it didn't go over, very quickly. so they had some time to recover. >> sharks in the bay, too, by the way. white sharks. >> we'll be right back with more "world news now." ♪ feeling takes me away to where i'm going ♪
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♪ ♪ don't know much about history don't know much biology ♪
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that remind me of "animal house." they play that all the time. john belushi. the lyrics say it all. because the grades are in. a recent test taken by american students and turns out history is not their strong suit. >> get this -- 12% of high school students are proficient in the subject. how bad was the rest of the report card. here's ron claiborne. >> reporter: the results of the tests are stunning. the overwhelming majority of american students in three grades, ignorant about basic facts about american history. >> most students, of course, successfully could recognize president lincoln. not everyone could name, completely sort of two things he was well known for. >> reporter: the test known as the nation's report card was given to over 32,000, 4th, 8th, 12th graders across america. 20% of fourth graders, 17% of eighth graders and 12% of high school seniors rated pro fish
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ent in the subject. most were baffled by a multiple choice question asking which document contains the basing rules that run the government. the answer the constitution. it was a question we found that stumped many adults we asked. >> hmm. >> declaration of independence. >> i do not know. >> not sure. >> reporter: for the 12th graders things weren't much better. a quarter knew basics of the korean war or china was an ally of north korea. there was some good news in the report as bad as it was. overall, younger grades. fourth and eighth graders have made improvements sets in 1994. still the findings are sobering. educators racing to find out why for many students today learning the nation's history is a thing of the past. ron claiborne, abc news, durham, north carolina. >> that is pretty shocking. you just became an american citizen, this is interesting that they want you to know this as an american citizen. yet our youngsters aren't really
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learning it in school which is pretty alarming. one of the questions, fourth grade sample question would be, which became the last part of the united states, which was added last as a state? >> which state was -- >> we have choices, hawaii, texas, oregon, alaska, choose from those. >> the answer is canada. >> just kidding. >> part of north america. >> there i am. going to wrap your knuckles with a ruler.
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by this time next week, father's day is in the books. that means there is a dwindling number of days left to get dad something nice the who better than to offer a few options, the giz whiz, dick dibartello. thank you for joining us. you have cool, quirky things going on. >> yeah, exactly. >> what is on your right here? motorola had success with the
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droidx, this is droid x-2. >> out of the modroid x-2. it is q, hd screen. gorilla glass. same price as original droid. >> good deal. >> verizon. >> next year, this is something a lot of guys have to struggle with. carrying keys, devices. pockets. >> so this is really neat. this is key port. key port is a way to carry six keys. >> actual key inside there? >> yes. the heaviest part of the key is the head of the key the so they make -- slide without the head. >> i see. >> then you have them cut to your own keys. it can hold six keys or you can
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buy options. you can buy a bottle opener. >> why would you need a bottle opener? >> well if you go camping. you can buy a of the sb flash drive. or nifty. led light. same time you can bring out a key. >> uh-huh. >> handy tool. >> exactly. that is $79. >> hinted about some quirky product. we have got a couple of them here. >> quirky is a company. >> company solicits everyday folks to create cool products. >> they find neat stuff. one of the multitool devices. what if you don't want to carry all of those tools with you? well, what they do, they offer you a kit. you can build a big, medium, or a small multitool. and then in the box, are 18 different -- pliers and scissor. during the week carry this.
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camping trips carry. >> organization part of the quirky products. we have another one. dads do love their naps. they work hard. got to rest. >> yeah, exactly. napping. unset the alarm. this is the easiest way to nap in the world. called the napper. it's like $15. you want to nap, 15 minutes. push 15. the front of the face clock has the regular time and dad's nap time. you want to add to it. hit the 30 button. now napping 45. >> i got to do an hour. doesn't count. >> if i wake up after an hour. i am comatose. under $15. >> perfect. quirky product. when you go to plug in, two, three things. the jacks, too small to accommodate the plugs. >> transformer. >> right. >> this, the plugs are very far apart. but not far apart enough. >> that's not all. >> start. the pivot. you could bend it so all six
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outlets can have a big plug. could go around a table leg. on/off switch. even a flat plug at the end. so, in itself, it doesn't take it up. >> outlet snake or something. >> pivot. outlet snake. >> dads do get ties, still. right. >> yeah. yeah. >> common give. these are not your average ties? >> no. i didn't want to show an average tie. these are called pillow ties. they're good looking. very reasonable. $20. but pillow tie has the a little bladder inside you can blow up. and, going to find the, guy's name is kevin. who invented it. kevin said, that any -- event that requires a tie is boring. so you might as well sleep through it. >> in a meeting or something. >> put this up. take a nap. >> set this to wake up. after your 15 minute nap with your tie. >> use this to find away. >> all comes together in some way. for more information on the
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>> time for your morning papers. we'll start things off with a little laugh. with all the weiner story going on. we hear a lot on how do you read it with a straight face? we have tried to keep the news angle. >> it is hard to tell the weiner story with a straight face. >> it is tough. letting it all hang out. and want to keep it together. want to show you a photo of anthony weiner posing with a we weaner. >> a weiner with a weaner.
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a female comic. she posted, he had his hand all over my bun. folks watching television. if you are watching too much television turns out it is bad for you. people say that the quality of television shows these days is really bad. but they're still watching tons and tons of tv. two studies suggest it is raising heart disease, diabetes and climbed by 6%. try to, try to cutback on the tv. >> don't stop watching until our show is done. wait for that. >> good advice. >> next story out of the l.a. times, l.a. unified, the group that worked with a number of schools and school districts there are going to be cutting out flavored milks from the menus. next to go corn dogs and chicken nuggets. >> not the corn dog. >> hard to find nutritional value in some of these things. trying to combat childhood obesity. next things to go. >> tv is bad for you.
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corn dogs bad for you. all going south. taking our home life to work. a very interesting story. saying basically, millions of workers confide in their co-workers more so than people. >> we talk -- >> makeup room is like mtv confessional from the "real world." all business. work mates know at least five secret as but each other that their partners at home are unaware of. >> i happen to know. >> look at that. i know a secret about daniel. >> i know a secret about peggy. i will tell you in a few minutes. if we have time. >> daniel has a tattoo. >> or two or three. from "the new york post." a battle between an opera singer and a doctor. fighting at a trader joe's over pad thai. vegan brand. they started to fight. they were swearing at each other. now a court battle. anyway, that secret about peggy was by the way, i don't know that you know that i know this. >> you know the secret about me.
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>> you didn't tell me. i found it out from anoth we used to talk about everything. you were my mom. my best friend. now, do you even know who my friends are? remember that time we used to spend together? laughing - having fun. i know i barely ever talk to you guys, but with the stuff that i have to deal with, sometimes i don't know how. i still need you. now, more than ever. talking to your teen can be challenging. we'll help you get the conversation started. call 1-800-448-3000 (tdd#1-800-448-1433), or visit
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this morning on "world news now" -- new guidelines for sunscreen. the federal government is stepping in with new rules and packaging and also labels. >> but why? we sort out the fact from fiction as the fda cracks down. it's wednesday, june 15th. good morning, everyone, i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm daniel sieberg in for rob nelson. the fda is calling for all new labelling with all new language on packages of sunscreen. you need to look for something more than familiar spf numbers to protect your skin from the harmful sun's rays. really you can't aploy too much sunscreen these days. >> no. some countries for instance, australia where they cover
3:01 am
themselves completely when they go to the beach the you have to there. the amount of sun. >> you definitely do. something you need to look out for. melanoma, very dangerous. >> which i have had. i will tell you. worth checking out. >> this weekend's gop presidential candidate debate and what michelle bachmann did to stand out. and we looked into her political life and discovered she is a former democrat. how about that. >> and other things going on in her life people didn't know about. >> very busy mother, of course. but also fostered many children. >> did we talk about, 23. >> 23 foster kids. knows a lot about the system and talked about that. >> really jumped into the race. quickly. later this half-hour, after high profile chills, spills, onstage injuries the very expensive accident prone broadway production of spiderman opened. superstar bono reveals what has been happening behind the beans. bono and the edge came in and tried to revamp this.
3:02 am
sort of, julie taymor, hard to say whether she stepped aside or was pushed. >> pushed aside. she is so famous on broadway putting together, productions we think we should take the show on the road and have a "world news now" field trip and go. need to talk to. >> or turn this into a broadway production. do song, dance numbers. >> only if you wear the outfit. we begin now with new action against a disease that kills one american every hour. unbelievable numbers. talking melanoma skin cancer. we've ben told using sunscreen will protect ugs the government says it just doesn't do enough. >> the fda issued sweeping new guidelines and diana alvear joins us with details. good morning. >> reporter: peggy, daniel, good morning. here is the bad news. we now have to learn another term when it comes to protecting our sdin from tkin from the sun. super easy, all you have to remember its two words. broad spectrum. turns out there is more to protecting your health than just the number on the sunscreen
3:03 am
bottle. starting next summer, consumers should look for the term broad spectrum and an spf number of 15 or higher. under the new label only sunscreens that pass fda's test for protection against uva and uvb rays can be labeled as broad spectrum. >> reporter: here is why, the spf number refers to propose tekttion against uvb rays the kind that cause sun berns and may contribute to skin cancer it doesn't mean protection against uva rays they go much deeper and cause premature aging and contribute to skin cancer. >> they're equally dangerousch you need broad spectrum protection. this will save lives. >> reporter: how much do you read the label of sunscreens? >> probably not that often. not something that i think about. >> reporter: the fda's hope is, people, especially young women will think about sun exposure. >> for some reason we are seeing a lot more skin cancer.
3:04 am
melanoma in young women. >> reporter: that's what she is trying to avoid. >> i have to protect myself. >> reporter: she believes the new labels will make a difference in keeping her and other sun seekers safe. >> don't forget to use sunscreen. don't get burned. >> reporter: this new rule doesn't go into effect until next summer. but manufacturers are free to start using it immediately. peggy, daniel. don't forget to wear your sunscreen. >> especially now. we are heading into the, the dog days of summer guess you can say. consumer reports has analyzed 22 different products. actually you can find a list offing a that meet the standards. find that on our fan page. wnnfa >> think if you want to get a tan or be healthy. almost choosing between the two in some cases. >> also burns they can go a long way. haunt you into adulthood. >> think of the fake tan. president obama soaked up some rays yesterday in port requerto. not a day at the beach. >> mr. obama was paying an
3:05 am
official business and also courting votes back at home. karen travers joins us from washington. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, peggy, daniel. the president's trip to puerto rico was symbolic and also political as he begins to turn his attention to his re-election bid. >> buenos tardes! >> reporter: president obama's brief visit had the look and feel of a campaign swing. >> when i ran for president i promised to include puerto rico, not just on my itinerary, but also in my vision of where our country needs to go. >> reporter: the nearly 4 million island residents are u.s. citizens. but they can't vote in the general election. the 4.6 million puerto ricans living in the 50 states can. making this trip as much about the people thousands of miles away as those in front of the president. >> puerto ricans are very significant and important community politically in the united states. particularly in new york and in florida. >> reporter: nearly 900,000
3:06 am
puerto ricans give in florida. middle-class swing votersen orlando and miami that have close ties to the island. puerto rico's republican governor said these voters once again will be critical on election day. >> in our community, hispanic community, showing up is half the game. and i think the president understand that. >> reporter: the recession has hit puerto rico hard. unemployment rate on the island is nearly 17%. among latinos in the united states, unemployment stands at 11%. >> we are going to put people back to work here in puerto rico and all across america. every four years, every two years they come and say they're going to do stuff. i think it will be better if they've actually do it. >> reporter: issue of puerto rican statehood continues to divide the island the president obama said yesterday his administration will support whatever the people there decide. peggy, daniel. well house democrats are counting on growing political pressure to force congressman anthony weiner into resigning. weiner's wife returns from an
3:07 am
overseas trip with secretary of state clinton this morning. it is believed weiner is waiting for her to return. yesterday, house democratic leader, nancy pelosi repeated her call for him to step down. the race for the white house is still wide open. there is clearly a breakout star. congresswoman michelle bachmann didn't announce until monday night. as john berman tells us she hit the ground running. >> reporter: with seven republicans on stage, up seemed to stand out. stand out, at 5'2." >> i filed today my paperwork to seek the office of presidency of the united states. >> reporter: with that declaration, minnesota's michelle bachmann seized the spotlight and hoard it with comments like this. >> president obama is a one-term president. >> who is this 55-year-old, three-term member of congress. >> i may be 5'2" and wearing a yellow suit. but i am one tough lady.
3:08 am
>> reporter: born in iowa, raised by a single mother. a tax lawyer who chased cheats for the irs. she says that shaped her distaste of the u.s. tax code. her first foray into politics volunteering for democrat jimmy carter in 1976. but she quickly drifted right. she is a deeply religious, evangelical lutheran, consider one of congress's most conservative members. she knows how to make headlines not always for the right reasons. falsely claiming, that obama's trip to india cost $200 million a day. and the first shots of the revolution were in new hampshire not massachusetts. she did lead the effort to repeal the president's health care plan. >> repeal its what this girl is going to be all about after november! >> she founded the tea party caucus, and in 2010, she raised more than 13.5 million. more than any other member. as of now, michelle bachmann says she is not running for
3:09 am
re-election to congress. she is all in for president. but has until june to change her mind on that. john berman, abc news, new york. >> all right, as the race for president heats up. here is your wednesday weather. severe storms, hail, gusty wind. little rock to cincinnati. showers, fargo to indianapolis. warming up in the north east. lingering showers from new york to bangor maine. showers, thunderstorms in florida. >> 93, miami. 94, atlanta. 81, new york. 70s from boise to detroit. scorching, 106, phoenix. they're used to that. sacramento, 92. seattle cool 63. so this might sound like the weird line of the morning. >> there is many always. >> right. really that unexpected? big wave surfer, laird hamilton has nothing on some geese. check this out. swept along by a river. if you're surfing as a goose, hanging 10, hanging 5, hanging webbed feet.
3:10 am
>> look like thlike they like i. when they hilt the whitewater looks like they're surfing. looked like the bonsai pipeline in hawaii. the guy that shot the footage. most of the geese made it out fine. cowa-bunga, dude. >> as bart simpson would say. >> on purpose or by accident? >> that have control. that's their domain the hanging in the water. >> are we going to surf on out of here now? >> hanging 10. cowa-bunga. ♪ ♪
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captain. unidentified object. it's a cascade complete pac. the best of cascade powder and gel combined in one vessel. fire! ♪ [ mom ] wow! [ female announcer ] cascade complete pacs. love it or your money back.
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well, when a little girl in california was bit be in a wildcat she never thought this would be her claim to fame. >> see the cat gave the girl rabies. amazingly she survived without getting the vaccine. now she is a part of medical history. >> reporter: itch you hear the name precious and imagine a dainty little girl with no
3:15 am
fighting spirit, you have never met 8-year-old precious reynolds. precious came into uc-davis children's hospital with a 2% chance of survival. she couldn't walk, couldn't swallow. she had an infection spreading to her brain and no one knew what it was. >> her first symptoms, a real bad stomach ache. then was like paralyzed. couldn't talk. she couldn't cough, nothing up. there was -- horrible. >> reporter: doctors were stumped the they ran a series of tests and were surprised to learn she had rabies. she spends a lot of time around animals as what's called a mutten buster, riding sheep unrodeos. that's not what did it, a wildcat that she says scratched her on the arm during recess at her rural, california school. >> the cat looked like a regular cat. >> reporter: rabies normally a death sentence if not treated. most often it comes from wild animals or bats.
3:16 am
>> typically when you approach a wildcat on the street they're more afraid of you and will usually retreat. >> reporter: by the time the second grader's legs gave up and she was rushed to a hospital her symptoms were too far along for a vaccine. so they put precious into a coma and let her body fight it the best it could. after all this is a girl who has been wrestling since the age of 4 and routinely beats boys. >> her prognosis is very good. she is in rehabilitation. and should go home next week. >> ready? >> reporter: today she is up and walking and rebidding her strength as only the third person in u.s. history to beat rabies without the vaccine. >> that's her i made it pose. >> she is so, so lucky. as you know we were hearing. she actually was in the meddingly medding medding -- medically induced coma, to give her brain a rest, milwaukee protocol. >> when you hear of some one getting rabies, swap out the b
3:17 am
with a c. few people getting it from wildcats. >> wonder if she could turn into a super hero. >> so many doctors, didn't get the diagnosis. a wonderment she is do so awesome. continued good health to precious. >> coming up. lost and found money. and a family really cashing in. >> unclaimed funds. where it came from. who is committed to making things right. that's coming up next. let's turn over this log. yeah! both: whoa! i like the big black ones. i like the brown wiggly ones. mmm. i like the green crunchy ones myself. whoa. explore nature. there are surprises everywhere. go to
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all right. i know this happens to us all the time. probably happens to you, constantly. bank calls you up, and says, hey
3:19 am
we found extra money we owe you. awe ha . >> usually the other way around. a fee on your fee. there is $117 million unclaimed money listings out there the and our correspondent was with one of the lucky people when she got her call. >> reporter: vicky's mom, lenora atkins died in july of last year and left behind dozens of hand made quilts warmed with her love. and her secret recipe for making the most amazing fudge. >> just stir it. >> right. all there is to it. other than that, lenora was penniless, or so vicky thought. >> so when i got a card from the bank saying money had gun to unclaimed property, i was shocked. because i didn't know anything else existed. >> reporter: these boxes hold claims like vicky's. west virginia processes more than 20,000 case is a year. and still, there are 161 million
3:20 am
dollars here waiting to be found. lenora's mind had been lost to alzheimers and her money could easily have followed. her bank had been bought out, twice. all of the account numbers had changed. but then, a sharp-eyed, banker, cami mccormick, spot aid cd in lenora's name it had been sitting and growing. then cammy turned into a sleuth. she needed to do research. west virginia requires banks to send unclaimed accounts to the treasure's office after five to seven years for safe keeping. vicky's paperwork landed on joanne's desk. >> make sure everything matches before we hand it over to someone. even if it is $50. do you want to give it to the wrong person. >> and her cd was a lot more nan $50. at last, the state of west virginia, cut vicky a check. it was one of the largest unclaimed property cases of the
3:21 am
year. >> west virginians, return their money. their money. not the state's money. >> reporter: west virginia is one of the most efficient aggressive states about reuniting people with unclaimed money and property. every now and then, treasurer, john purdue likes to do it in person. >> today, we have put this check together, of -- $14,876.55. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. >> wow! >> yea! >> all right, vicky, what do you plan to do with the money? >> i think they're thinking family vacation. >> awesome. can i come along. >> yes, yes. >> it is look a gift from mom. that's exactly how i feel about it. it is a gift. >> wow. >> free money. >> yeah, i know. how many other families like
3:22 am
that are there? >> there are some tips on finding unclaimed money with maybe your deceased family members, go to >> very important. we'll be right back.
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♪ spiderman spiderman does whatever a spider can spins a web any size ♪ >> you are actually singing along with the theme song to "spiderman. ". >> just when i thought there could not be anything to learn. >> the curtain did go up on last night's spiderman, turn off the dark. >> you may have heard a little bit about the show, creators bono and the edge. know a thing about success on stage. now they know about failure as well. here is cynthia mcfadden.
3:26 am
>> reporter: as originally concede, spiderman was not just a disaster it was an epic disaster not just for the actors and creative team but for two of the biggest performers in the world. i have never read quite so horrific reviews. things like, "the new york times," it may rank among the worst musicals ever made. "the washington post," shrill, insipid, mess. what did you think when you read these? >> some of the stuff we were saying backstage. seriously. >> reporter: six times the opening was postponed to deal with ongoing problems. from aster that seemed to go nowhere to a series of high profile and dangerous accidents. do you blame yourselves? >> yeah, i think so. we have a lot to learn. you know a lot to learn the we were way out of our depth. and that's -- i suppose, the -- the hubris that we deserved. >> reporter: broadway taught them show stopping lessons. they couldn't afford to go out and tour for months at a time
3:27 am
and leave the to others to fix the musical. one thing is undeniable. the flying actors were engaged in death defying feats. what was at stake wasn't just artistry, but the safety of the actors. >> he fell from the stage. >> broke ribs, skull, scapula, elbow. >> reporter: you got pretty good stars out of that, i hear. >> yo! >> yeah, baby. >> reporter: we are going backstage. humbled rock stars say they now appreciate just how much they had to learn. >> people coming through the doors have to have -- our best shot at this. and, we'll see if our best shot is, is good enough. >> cynthia mcfadden, abc news, new york. >> cool. >> big u 2 fan. >> at this stage they still have something to learn. >> broadway is so different from
3:28 am
what they do. >> broadway is so different from what they do. i heard you have gone thank you dear, very much. woman: what does it feel like when a woman is having a heart attack? it can feel like there's a ton of weight on your chest. you could also feel squeezing, pressure, or discomfort. don't make excuses for these symptoms. make the call to 9-1-1. you might also feel shortness of breath. so don't make up an excuse, like, you're out of shape. make the call. did you know feeling nauseous can also mean you're having a heart attack? call 9-1-1. breaking out in a cold sweat is another sign. don't make excuses, like, "it's menopause." make the call. feeling unusual fatigue is another sign -- call 9-1-1. and sudden dizziness or light-headedness can mean a heart attack. call 9-1-1. unusual pain in your back, neck, jaw, one or both arms...
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even pain in your upper stomach are symptoms of a heart attack. so don't make excuses. make the call to 9-1-1 immediately. to learn more, visit
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this morning on "world news now," the prosecution rests as early as today in the casey anthony murder trial. >> the accused killer never brought to the stand in this phase of the trial. will she testify in her own defense? it's wednesday, june 15th. good morning. i'm daniel sieberg. rob nelson is on assignment. >> i'm peggy bunker. defense attorneys will have their work cut out for them on the third anniversary of caylee anthony's death this week. after some key testimony from the victim's grandmother just yesterday on the stand. >> very vexing trial. and disturbing of course to hear all the evidence presented in court. >> really been hard to listen to actually. all the details come in every day. really incredible. in florida they're watching this so closely. >> they're riveted to it.
3:31 am
also ahead how new federal rules should help you when you buy sunscreen. packages are changing so you can get the best protection from skin cancer, obviously important, see the spf numbers on those, that is not necessarily the most important thing to think about. with the new ratings. >> really shaking things up. especially in time for summer and the beach. also coming up. shaking things up on capitol hill where we are finding out about the gym. where congressman anthony weiner took lewd photos of himself, we are all so familiar with. why the health club is kept so secret and how much you are paying for their perk. their gym there. >> not able to use it. >> i would like to have somebody pay for my gym. >> those fees can add up. absolutely. first prosecutors are expected to wrap up their case against casey anthony today. they presented mostly circumstantial evidence to prove she is a murderer. >> when defense attorneys begin their argument they may have less to go on. t.j. winick joins us with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
3:32 am
the jury could be deliberating casey anthony's future in a couple weeks. >> reporter: the question remains whether casey anthony, the florida mom accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee will ever take the stand. >> typically the advice is do not put your client on the stand they will be destroyed on cross-examination. the state is licking their chops to get tot mom casey anthony on the stand. >> reporter: in orlando the prosecution is wrapping up its case. monday an fbi fingerprint expert testified there was an outline of the heart on the duct tape found on caylee's skull. key evidence because police found a heart shaped sticker in the muck where caylee's remains were dumped. prosecutors tied the sticker to casey anthony. >> is it a fair, accurate photograph of an item located in casey anthony's bedroom? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: then the prosecution called cindy anthony, casey's mother to establish the presence in her home of duct tape and forensic items linked to caylee's
3:33 am
remains. >> do you recognize the shirt caylee is wearing? >> the first time i had ever seen that shirt was during my deposition. >> reporter: the defense insists caylee drowned in her grandparents' pool and casey's father george disposed of the body. over the past several days the state presented evidence the little girl's body was in the trunk of casey's car, perhaps for days. >> they presented a pretty overwhelming case. i think they have proved beyond a reasonable doubt, in my view, that there was a dead body in the car. and so, that's really important. >> the defense could begin making arguments thursday, the 16th. coincidentally, the third anniversary of the last day caylee was seen alive. peggy, daniel. >> switching gears now, remember all those labor protests at wisconsin state capital last winter. the state supreme court upheld the law that prompted the protests and strips most public employees of their collective bargaining rights and a major victory for governor scott walker. the decision came as protestors
3:34 am
including state workers demonstrated against other budget cuts proposed by the governor. amtrak is implementing high tech security measures after osama bin laden's journals revealed plans to actually attack america's rail system. the head of amtrak's police force told congress they're now working with the tsa and other agencies to improve their security. he does say the system will remain free and open. the fbi is trying to track down vandals who nearly caused a train derailment in iowa. they say some one tampered with the switch box to sabotage a train. most likely one carrying flammable ethanol. a rail worker noticed something was wrong with the switcher and averted what could have been a deadly disaster. breaking news from arizona tonight. our phoenix station, reports officials have determined a campfire triggered the state's fiercest wildfire and there are two persons of interest. tuesday the so-called wallow fire became the biggest in state history. after burning for two weeks just 20% contained.
3:35 am
seems like we have heard this one before, volcano ash forces flight cancellations. well this time the volcano is in chile, erupting for 11 days. the ash drifted all the way to australia and new zealand, disrupting flights there. 75,000 passengers have been affected. ash clouds could cause problems at least for a week. now to medical news. the government is taking aim at one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer, melanoma, kills one person every hour. so the fda has now new regulations for sunscreens to help people protect themselves. lisa stark has the details. >> reporter: all these years we have been slathering on the sunscreen. with all those confusing labels. spf 15, spf 50, waterproof. water resistant. we have been thinking we are protecting ourselves. and more importantly our children. >> people were getting a false sense of security with sunscreens the way they were.
3:36 am
>> reporter: a troubling thing has happened. despite the explosion of sales of sunscreens, there is also been an explosion of skin cancer. cases of the most deadly kind of skin cancer, melanoma, increased 45%. between 1992 and 2004. and it is showing of in young people. >> melanoma used to be a disease of older men the now melanoma is the most common form of cancer for young adults in their late 20s. >> reporter: what does this have to do with sun block. turns out you may have been getting only half the protection you need. here is why. the sun has two kinds of harmful rays. the government only requires that sun block protect from uvb rays, that's the spf number. uvb rays can burn the surface of your skin. but just as dangerous, uva rays, they penetrate the skin. down to the cells that can become cancerous. there is no requirement that your sun block have ingredients needed to guard against uva
3:37 am
rays. >> i guess i feel a little duped. >> reporter: consumer reports tested sunscreens applying different brands to a person's back, subjecting them to uvb and uva light. some protected well, some did not. starting next summer sunscreen must have an spf of at least 15 and offer protection against both uvb and uva rays to claim it helps prevent cancer and aging. once more, sunscreen makers will no longer be able to claim their products are water proof or sweat proof. there is no such thing. no matter what sunscreen you use, you have to use a lot for it to work. and an adult needs an ounce, the size of this golf ball or what is in the shot glass every two hours for it to be effective. that means if you are at the beach and have a tube of sunscreen this big, well after six hours, it should be empty. lisa stark, abc news, washington. great example. because a lot of people keep that tube. sort of use it the entire summer. you really need more. >> it's not cheap. worth paying for. you think of the term,
3:38 am
sunscreen. and sun block. you know, sunscreen is really just filtering out certain rays. sun block, go towards actually stopping some of them. not 100%. >> you want to pay attention to new guidelines. buy the right one. in fact 22 products have been analyzed. find the eight that meet the new standard. on >> buy it. >> use it. >> seemed like a good at the time file. >> crowded file. >> crane was in place. lifting a hot tub over the house into a suburban minneapolis backyard. so far so good. well this is when it all went terribly wrong. woops. >> yes, exactly. let's say the crane is not supposed to end up on its rear wheels. you see there. sort of defying the logic. >> it knocked out the chimney and crushed the garage. not part of the original plans. >> they're going to need the hot tub to relax after this. luckily nobody was hurt. hot tub was put in place later
3:39 am
that day. >> they will need to soak and chill out after all that. >> in the hot tub. see if the weather will work on that. check out the wednesday weather. we have 75 mile an hour winds. hail, also chance of tornados, and little rock to cincinnati. we have some showers around chicago, detroit, indianapolis. minneapolis as well. fargo. light rain, upstate new york, new england, out west in the northern rockies. >> 75, boise. 83, salt lake city. 90, albuquerque. 72, twin cities. omaha, 83, 83, baltimore. 74, boston. >> last thing you are going to want. speaking of sunscreen. this woman is going to need it. an extraordinary journey gets under way this morning. this woman, a miami beach lifeguard, will start her attempt to paddle board just off the coast of cuba all the way to key west. >> those are shark-infested waters. hope she is being careful. >> we do stories about people trying to make the journey. a rough one. >> it is. for those counting at home. that is about a 100 mile trip,
3:40 am
all powered by her arms and hands. see her moving there. it its her second attempt at the crossing. last september, her paddling trip ended when she got into strong currents and got bit by jelly fish. a hazard of the trip. >> if she makes it would be a record for the longest solo paddle. wish her good luck. we'll keep you posted. >> she will need to relax in a hot tub after that. >> after that. definitely sunscreen as we mentioned. >> yes. ♪ ♪ one is the loneliest number that you ever do ♪ you go next if you had a hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible ith a hoveround., tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor rand founder of hoveround., when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it. call today and get a free overound information kit, that includes a video and full color brochure. dennis celorie: "it's by far the best chair i've ever owned."
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months early or years late. every baby deserves to be swaddled in the comfort of our softest diaper ever. pampers swaddlers. our softest protection for every little miracle. oh, dear, by now you have probably seen the oh, dear, by now you have probably seen the latest pictures of anthony weiner. in case you haven't -- here they are. yet again. starting to get photo fatigue.
3:44 am
from these pictures. >> you might see there is gym equipment in the back there the they were taken inside the uber exclusive congressional gym. which got us thinking what else goes on behind the doors that your tax dollars pay for. here's jake tapper. >> reporter: at issue for many congressmen, that anthony weiner took and e-mailed photographs of himself, yes, also that he did so from the privacy of the house gym. apparently a sacrosanct congressional perk and a popular one. our nation's economy may be in horrible shape but a lot of our congressmen are not. the precise location of the house gym is kept some what secret. we are here, two floors underground in the rayburn house office building in the obscure little nook. you can see, this -- this is the house gym. the door is locked. only way to get in is for a member of congress to call and be buzzed in. and even though you're paying for much of it, they will not let us show it to you.
3:45 am
>> okay. thank you. >> reporter: only for members. and they do not want to talk about it. i was wondering if i could ask you a couple questions about the gym? >> no. >> reporter: we are told it is nice. flat screen tv's, work out machines, basketball hoops, a swimming pool. the senate facility just as secretive. >> you have to go to the rules committee. >> rules committee upstairs? >> we can't come in. >> reporter: all that for less than half of the average cost for you at your gym. members of congress pay $20 a month. a fee clearly subsidized by taxpayers. and how much does it cost to run the plush members wellness center as it is called? we sought information from the senate rules committee, the treasury department, the house sergeant at arms. no one would tell us how much it cost. and the figures are hidden. the only response for the american people, quote, we do not provide information on the house gym for security purposes.
3:46 am
>> you get the feeling like they don't get what is going in the real world, they have perks, gym, hair care, parking facilities they have. they are living a different life than the average american. >> all this while they look to cut your benefits to reduce the deficit. call it pumping irony. jake tapper, abc news, the capitol. >> how about that? >> you can get a cell phone signal in the gym, you can tweet your pictures in there. >> you have the privacy. there we are. just yesterday. we didn't tweet. >> i don't work out with my glasses on. >> i am matching, curl to curl. i will challenge you to an arm wrestling. don't miss us coming up. talking about hef. hugh hefner. >> little heartbreak. >> the american idol judge that may not be coming back. is it my steven tyler? >> i hope not. >> the skinny coming up next. we have some juice in the skinny. is it my steven tyler? >> i hope not. >> the
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny >> it is time for the skinny. i think i am up first.
3:49 am
let's talk about "american idol" and one of the judges, jennifer lopez hinting she may not come back. talking to bbc radio. saying she was sort of on the fence about returning. though she raked in $12 million. got to premier her song "on the floor." and performed on the floor as well. just not sure if she wants to come back. you have to wonder if this is a negotiating ploy. >> doesn't this seem to be the case when the contract rolls around. >> what's it worth to you? >> this new lineup of judges they have done a terrific job, not to mention, steven tyler. they balance each other. a couple not balancing each other off very well. shocking, heartbreaking, a lot of foiks across -- of folks across the air. wedding of the century after wills and kate. we are talking hugh hefner and crystal harris. >> crystal you pointed out. >> y, l. something. >> due to get hitched at the playboy mansion, five days away.
3:50 am
turns out -- crystal, cold feet. calling off the marriage to hef. shocking she is 25. he is 85. >> more of a february/december relationship. >> a 60-year age difference. that kills me. they were supposed to get married. this saturday. a surprise split. they both have issued separate statements. former playboy bunnies are rushing to hef's side to console him, kendra, bridgette. who used to live with him in the mansion. >> i find certain hef will find a way to carry on. >> shocking. 60-year age difference. >> one of my favorite actors, from "lord of the rings" and in an hbo series, lord stark. he sets himself up as a tough guy. turns out he got into a real life brawl in northwest london. cut on the arm with a piece of glass. got a bruised face. what was it about? a woman. >> of course it was.
3:51 am
>> there with a model. got into a fight with a guy about her. >> we were making fun of you in the newsroom. daniel. we said nobody is going to know who this person is. you swear everybody knows who you are talking about. >> one word. boremere. >> yeah. >> people at home back me up. >> point made. >> victoria beckham, eva longoria. victoria expecting the first baby girl. three boys. number four. a girl. asked eva longoria, desperate housewives fame, to be the godmother. which i think will be a lovely godmother. they were going to choose between kate and wills, to see if they wanted to do it. gave the honor to eva. natalie portman delivered her first child, fiance, at the oscars, benjamin millapier, a french -- not ballerina. ballet dancer. >> they met on "black swan." >> he was the choreographer. they welcomed a bouncing baby boy. they have not released the name.
3:52 am
we are tossing names around. what we think it is. >> coming up after the break. it is the latest in duct tape fashion. you are not going to want to miss this. >> instead of using anything else, using duct tape. can't wait. [ horn honks ] now we're hitting the road with the proglide challenge.
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yo, my friend -- come on down here. what do you think about that proglide? yeah, this is great. it feels good on my sensitive skin. i don't feel like i'm shaving. [ male announcer ] fusion proglide is engineered with gillette's thinnest blades ever it feels like it's doing the work for me. [ male announcer ] so it glides for less tug and pull. it was smooth. this was fantastic. i'm having way too much fun with this razor. [ male announcer ] turn shaving into gliding
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with fusion proglide. i'm a believer. he is a believer! yeah! [ male announcer ] gillette fusion proglide. ♪ turning duct tape ♪ turning duct tape >> all right. finally for many girls, prom is one of the moments in life where you want everything to be just perfect. including of course, most importantly, really the dress. >> the dress. one michigan girl took it upon herself to make the dress of her dreams. she didn't do it quite the way you think though. she did it with a very unusual material. we're talking about duct tape. here is angela cunningham. >> reporter: 17-year-old sarah lyons and jay schumacher thumb through the photos and reminisce about a magical senior year and senior prom. >> it was good times.
3:56 am
>> reporter: sarah decided to stand out among the rest, decided instead of buy ing a gown for the big dance she would make her own. >> i learned from my grandma and mom, when i was 10. and i just kept like gradually getting better at it. >> reporter: in fact, sarah has become so skilled at sewing she created dresses for several special occasions in the past. >> she made some crazy dresses. and made some beautiful dresses. and i was proud of her. whatever she made. >> reporter: her latest creation is hands down the most unique. >> at first there is no way i could do that. >> reporter: this pretty little number isn't made out of silk, satin or chiffon, but something a little well more, durable. >> i didn't know she would have an inkling of doing it. and she came home one day and and i am making a duct tape dress for the contest. >> reporter: the aspiring fashion designer spent the better part of five months designing and then creating a prom dress and tuxedo out of duct tape.
3:57 am
although stylish as you can imagine, they weren't the most comfortable things to wear. >> the arms don't go forward or backward. >> reporter: jay is amazed by what sarah did and will never look at duct tape quite the same again. she is entering the outfits in the national stuck it prom contest where the winning couple stand to take home $5,000 each. >> it would help me pay for college. >> reporter: help in turning the dreams of a future fashionista into reality. >> the duct tape dress you can't get it off. probably another reason. >> could be a problem. >> mom says, way to go. let's do the duct tape dress. >> wait, guess sfwhut -- guess what? >> did you hear the money. >> give this a go. >> calvin klein of duct tape fashion. >> help you out. >> hang on to it. >> ready. go. >> the only bad thing, one roll of duct tape. two rolls of duct tape. ♪ turning duct tape. ♪ >> we're getting crazy. daniel. i think you need to get into
3:58 am
3:59 am
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